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Though the caribbean islands are far smaller and not as wealthy as a large nation like India, many world class athletes and sportspersons are representing various caribbean islands, and winning gold medals at the olympics, are top ranked athletes, unlike india which has won a gold medal in a non team sport only once, despite having a population of more than 1 billion, due to the indian government policy of rewarding laziness, fraud and mediocrity, harassing hard working honest citizens

Probably the most famous athletes from the Caribbean are the sprinters especially in the 100 m and 200 m which are considered to be glamour sports of the Olympics. The 100 m world record holder for men is Usain Bolt from Jamaica, who has won many Olympic medals. There are also many famous female athletes from Jamaica like Merlene Ottey. Unlike India, where hardworking worldbeaters are treated worse than criminals, subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses, Jamaica has a system to nurture talented athletes.

Another country famous for its sportspersons is Cuba. Despite the travel restrictions and frosty relations with United States and Canada due to the communist rule under Fidel Castro, Cuban boxers have been highly ranked for decades, often winning Olympic gold medals, especially in the lower weight categories. Like other communist countries, their athletes and sportspersons have also excelled in other sports , winning world championships and olympic gold medals

However most Indians will be familiar with the various caribbean islands because of the cricket team, which is widely known as the West Indies team, and consists of players from the english speaking countries of the caribbean islands. In the 1970's and 1980's the West Indies team was considered to be the best cricket team in the world, winning the World cup for cricket repeatedly, especially under Clive Lloyd. Vivian Richards , Desmond Haynes, Alvin Kallicharan (of indian origin) were some of the top batsmen, and Michael Holding, Joel Garner and others were the famous fast bowlers from West Indies. However in the last decade, India has been spending more money on cricket, and the indian team is considered to be highly rated.
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